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The best materials for kitchen

The best materials for kitchen

Any kitchen consists of key elements:

1. Facade - the "front" part of the entire kitchen, which sets the appearance. These are the front walls of all drawers, the doors of the lockers.
2 Countertop - work surface, which put the dishes and all kitchen utensils.
3 Case - invisible from the outside walls of all cabinets and drawers, as well as shelves and legs of tables.
4 Accessories - handles, baskets, rails, hooks, shelves, dryers, pallets and so on.

Of course, different elements can be made from different materials.

What is used in the creation of the kitchen?

1. Laminated chipboard (laminated chipboard) - the most budget option, but at the same time very presentable in appearance. Good in combination with high-quality and stylish fittings, aluminum facades. Used for the manufacture of buildings, facades.
2. MDF (medium density wood board) covered with PVC film (polyvinyl chloride) is represented by a huge variety of different options. A wide color palette, matte or glossy, the ability to imitate the texture of wood, metal and any other materials. The price range is also very flexible. This material is sensitive to heat, so you need to design a kitchen with its use wisely. Used for enclosures and facades.
3. Aluminum is a very practical and stylish material. Often it is used with glass. A wide variety of colors. Aluminum is also very light, which allows it to be combined with other materials. Mainly used in facades and accessories, sometimes for countertops. In addition to aluminum, steel is also used for worktops.
4. Wood is certainly one of the most environmentally friendly and durable materials. Almost always wood is processed: it can be special oils or wax, but only lacquer will adequately demolish kitchen conditions. Depending on the breed, the tree may be vulnerable to moisture and temperature changes. However, with proper care, it lasts a very long time, and if damaged, it can be restored, unlike other materials. Wood is used for facades, tabletops, and sometimes for enclosures. Frequently used species are acacia, ash, oak, beech.
5. Stone - artificial (pressed stone chips, impregnated with a special resin) or solid - an ideal solution for the countertop, which in this case would be almost invulnerable. However, this material is the hardest, and can change its color under the influence of various substances, which must be considered when designing a kitchen and its subsequent use.