Exprimo Berlin

Our studio is engaged in the design of apartments, offices, cafes and restaurants, as well as renovation work, furnishing of residential and commercial premises.

Renovation und Redevelopment in Berlin

Renovation und Redevelopment in Berlin
Our company provides services for the repair and decoration of residential and commercial premises under the key in Berlin and Brandenburg.

We offer:

— Redevelopment of residential buildings of any level of complexity and design of permissions related to redevelopment
— Cosmetic or overhaul of residential premises of any complexity - depending on your requirements and preferences
— Repair and re-equipment of commercial and commercial premises, including electrical plumbing and permitting
— Restoration of old houses and commercial buildings

In cooperation with our colleagues - experienced specialists in the field of construction and design, we perform turnkey repairs in accordance with European standards, and the flexibility in design allows us to keep within relatively small budgets.