Exprimo Berlin

Our studio is engaged in the design of apartments, offices, cafes and restaurants, as well as renovation work, furnishing of residential and commercial premises.

Restaurant Design Consultants in Berlin

Restaurant Design Consultants in Berlin

Exprimo Berlin - Restaurant Design Consultants in Berlin.Discover restaurant designers who are creating the latest restaurant and bar designs. Luxury restaurant intrior design inspirations for your luxury interior design project.

Our employees have experience with almost all patterns, with the most popular designs for restaurants in Moscow, New York, London and Paris. We have perfectly perfected every style and offer everything from innovative designs to more old-fashioned styles such as Baroque elements.

We can recommend matching colors, which should motivate you to stay. The furniture is chosen comfortably but also with a beautiful look. Everything should be created and implemented according to your wishes.

Through our many years of experience, we are able to create all rooms like you expect it to be, let it be simple, modern, glamorous, elegant, classic, cozy, colorful or autochthonous. Each restaurant gets its own character and a great recognition value. The atmosphere is important and so we implement the wishes of our customers perfectly.