Exprimo Berlin

Our studio is engaged in the design of apartments, offices, cafes and restaurants, as well as renovation work, furnishing of residential and commercial premises.

Planning of premises

Planning of premises

Our studio carries out a complete cycle of interior design work, beginning with the preparation of planning decisions and a design with 3D visualization of premises to the development of a work and engineering project.

Interior of apartments and country houses

We will do a free consultation

We will discuss all stages of project implementation

We will develop an individual design

The project includes:

Planning plan with furnishing of furniture and equipment (2-3 suggestions)

Duration: 7-15 working days

1st measurement plan

2. Planning plan with the arrangement of furniture and appliances (2-3 options).

3. The plan of disassembly and assembly of partition walls according to the selected variant of the planning plan.

4. Spatial-spatial solution of premises. A stylistic interior solution is provided in 3D computer graphics (2-3 points of view per room).